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He does however also tell of success stories within the communities. Such as the stories of Leary Brock and Ricky Drake both of whom found jobs thanks to organizations such as So Others Might Eat (SOME).

In the concluding chapter he details plans to improve the lives of these workers. Citing that they can positively change the systems governing minimum wage, health care, education and upward job mobility. He says that the government and employers can put these policies in effect as long as the wealthy are willing to part with some of their gains for the benefit of the rest.

I believe this book is an essential read for anyone who wishes to know about the people who truly hold this country’s economy together. I do not believe it will change the minds of today law makers or inspire our leaders to work towards real tangible change. However, the book does manage to do something which many books of this type fail to accomplish. It manages to put a human face on what is essentially a network of broken promises and shattered dreams.

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