Sample Essay

One thing I truly disagree with in regards to Plato’s interpretation of knowing is the very foundation of what he considers to know. I do not believe that knowing is a product of experiencing things around us; rather, it is knowing what is within us. Knowing what is around us is simply a matter of perspective. A blind man will not see a tree the same way a color blind person does. Yet somehow they will both immediately know without being told it is a tree. Does this knowledge come from others, does it come from books, no, it comes from within. True the word used to describe these perspectives are a part of knowledge but they are not true education.

Truly knowing is not a byproduct of perspective rather it comes from within. If we take such a sense into account then anyone person can truly grasp the ultimate knowledge that Plato speaks of, they simply require guidance to know where to look. While it may be argued that Plato defines where to look as the Sun, I do not believe his concept of the philosopher king ties into this thinking.

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