Sample Essay

The Players Championship Golf Tournament is a tournament which is administered and organized by the PGA Tour each year. This tournament has been played on regular basis since 1974 on a number of different venues such an Atlanta Country Club and Colonial Country Club. Since 1982, however, it has been played at Sawgrass Country Club on the Stadium Course (PGA Tour, 2010).

The strength of the Players Championship include that it the highest paying golf tournament in the world, offering the winner up to $9.5 million. Hence, this tournament attract almost all of the top 50 golfers in the world, hence the spectators get to see a very tough and competitive tournament. Strength of the Players Championship is that its winner receives the highest Official Golf Ranking points. Each year the winner of the Players Championship is allocated 80 points, which is the highest amount of point that any player can receive in a non-major tournament, where winners receive between 70 to 78 points. In addition to this, the winners also receive exemptions from several tournaments such as the British Open, PGA Tour, US Open as well as PGA Championship and an invitation to play in Masters Tournament for 3 years (PGA Tour, 2010).

The weaknesses of the Players Championship include its non major status.  The Players championship although attracts the top players in the world due to its purse, being a non-major tournament means that it contributes significantly less toward building the reputation of participants player among official organizations of golf and also has less effect on enhancing the career of the players as compared to major  tournaments. In this regard, the influence of sponsors can also be considered, which consider major tournament apart from the Players Championship.

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