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This made it very clear the extent of the adherence required to the social standards by the residents. Vianne’s landlady, Armande Voizin, was just as much an outcast since she preferred dirty books and drinks which were not very Catholic. Being in the same category of people as Vianne, the three of them, Josephine, Vianne and Armande got along fine and by the end managed to turn the rest of the people around with the help of the chocolate they made, which acted as an aphrodisiac for an old married couple, encouraged a secret love of an old man and increased the tolerance of the rest so that they ended up making friends with the river gypsies.

This behavior was unwelcomed by the Comte who resolved to do something about it. Outraged, he ends up at Vianne’s shop and tries to disrupt the place but ends up discovering that he has just as much a taste for chocolate as everyone else. It seemed as if his shadow self was just as much affected by the traditions that he was required to upkeep. While his main self tried actively to upkeep them, tasting the chocolate caused his shadow self to overwhelm his main self so that he ended up devouring all of Vianne’s products on display, ending up in tears right after.


Social traditions while developing strict form of rules and standards within a society curb the people’s tolerance, a fact made apparent by its members scorning at new comers in complete ignorance of the benefits or disadvantages of the ideas they bring with them. As the movie depicts, this level of tolerance does heighten a sense of disparity between good and bad within an individual, so much so that when triggered by an external factor (such as chocolate) it surfaces from within the shadow self and overwhelms the main self in an uncontrollable fashion. Thus, while adherence to traditions is a key to forming an identity, it should not be done in lieu of tolerance.

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