Sample Essay

This story based is on exchange of dialogues between a man and a woman. Although the topic of the conversation is not very clear but the statements made from the man makes it pretty obvious that the ongoing discussion is on abortion for the girl. The majority of the story is based on this dialogue between the two characters and some observation of the environment is also included. The title of the story “Hills like white elephants” is used as both the title as well as it’s used in the dialogue. The thing which is needed to be grasped from the story is that White Elephant is a symbol for an expensive priced possession which is usually considered as financial burden to maintain. A white elephant is a privilege to own and a symbol of pride but it requires a good bit of financial assistance to maintain its expenses (Stukas para.3).

The woman in the story Jig is a young lady who is pregnant and ageing somewhere less than thirty. The story revolves around the contentious issue that is about Jig’s pregnancy and the man’s suggestion of abortion. The man initiates the topic of abortion by stating that “It’s really an awfully simple operation, Jig,”

Jig is more than interested in keeping the child and it seems that she is not at all comfortable with an abortion but still she is willing to go with the man’s wishes despite her own personal wish. Jig looks very dissatisfied with her lifestyle which according to her is not more than travelling from one town to another, trying different things and having new drinks. She used to enjoy all this but having a baby has opened her eyes and she wants to settle down with the man in peruse of a proper family life. According to The man the current change in Jig’s behavior is because of the baby and that because of the baby the couple won’t be able to lead their life in the current manner and the easiest possible solution for this is to get an abortion. Therefore the man thinks that the easiest possible way is to have an abortion. The ongoing conflict between the man and Jig doesn’t seem to resolve the story. She tries to get the affirmation from the man that after having the abortion their life would be the same again but at one point she sees it is hopeless for her.

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