Sample Essay

As written before the hero of the movie is Maximus who is the general of the roman army. The emperor Aurelius has always treated Maximus like his own blood and is very much interested in making him as the next king after he steps down. Commodous the son of the emperor is not very happy with this decision and kills the king to get the throne. After getting the throne he immediately orders the execution of Maximus as he views him as the biggest hurdle in his way. Maximus somehow escapes the execution but eventually becomes a slave and is trained as a gladiator. As Maximums was the general of the roman army he knew the tricks and trade of fighting, he very soon becomes quiet favorite among the public. Maximum’s performance in the Colosseum in Rome as a gladiator improves drastically and his popularity increases with every passage day.

The thing that should be learned by the movie is the tremendous amount of energy and passion that has been shown by Maximus. How he survives every hurdle in pursuit of vengeance that he has to take from Commodous. The tremendous amounts of energy that make him pass through every possible preachment. Overall the movie is fantastic from all the areas the script the production, direction all have been perfectly poised, and evidence of this has proved by the awards that the movie has won, the nominations in which it has been selected and the overwhelming response that its receives from the audience, all of them combining it to make the movie a must watch.

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