Sample Essay

For Strauss politics and philosophy are related to each other. Strauss’s source of inspiration comes from Socrates who argued  that philosophers can not study nature unless they put their own human nature under consideration. Strauss has constantly emphasized the importance of Jerusalem and Athens (reason versus revelation) and ancient versus modernism.

The Socratic philosophers, Ancients, made philosophy more political by bringing it back to earth. The Moderns, Machiavellian, resented the domination of revelation in the Medieval society and supported the concept of reason. The very life of Western life, argued Strauss depended on the tussle between reason and revelation. The history has witnessed the post- Classical world that was equally tyrannical and intolerant under government of religious authorities that was scattered into the bits of  sectarian groups. Governments like Marxist-Leninist authority under sectarian philosophic authority had also been unequivocal and tyrannical. Many scholars, therefore, promote the American Founding as separating religion (Church) from the affairs of the state and granting religious freedom and freedom of speech to make it the greatest regime of Western Civilization. Although the issues such as slavery have imperiled the regime.

Strauss criticised modern philosophy for overcoming the self-destruction of reason and was of the view that authority of Classical philosophy and theology (the Bible) must be restored.

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