Sample Essay

The population sample will consist of individuals from two ethnicities. One hundred Caucasian individuals and one hundred African American individuals will be asked to take part in the study. The two samples selected in the area in question will provide the basis for random selection which will make them highly representative of their ethnicities. Two problems may occur however, one is non-response and the other give consideration to bias on the part of the participants. The problem of bias is inherent due to cultural and social differences between the two ethnicities.

6. Variables and Data Collection methods
The method of data collection as mentioned before will be in the form of a primary survey. The dependent and independent variables in this case include bias on the part of the respondent, on the part of the interviewer, geographical, monetary and time constraints. The sampling size also lends itself to sampling error due to its relatively large size. Additionally, it must be taken into account that the bias of the author of the report itself may affect the subjectivity of the study.

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