Sample Essay

Positioning is a very critical phase in any product’s development. In our case this step would become extra critical as the product is new for the market. Generally people are not aware of it and great bit of work is required in order to mold the preferences of the customer from the conventional vehicle to the hybrid vehicle. Keeping in mind the lack of knowledge at the end of the customer, Toyota should first start creating awareness in the public. What they need to do is to communicate with the customers and tell them about what Toyota Prius is all about.

They can conduct a seminar or design a website especially for the sole purpose of information about the development of Prius, how it can help in reducing pollution, and how important it is to shift with this new technology. In this way the company would be able to get the consumers response and their feedback about how they feel about this particular product (Srinivasan 2006). Also different aspects of Prius can be evaluated like what the consumers value about the product. Is it the high technology, affordable price, clean operation, comfort, convenience design, safety or the most important environmental friendliness (Hage and Meeus 2006). There was a mixed kind of a feeling from the data which was collected as most of the people had very little know how about the hybrid cars. This proved that still the market is not fully aware of this new technology. But one thing which the people were very well aware of was the danger of C02 and its affect on the environment. This also show that if little bit attention is given towards this area of educating the people then this is a very big opportunity for companies like Toyota.

The positioning strategy should be based on two grounds, number one performance and secondly environmentally friendly. The reason Toyota should position the car on two grounds is because there is a perception in the mind of most of the people that hybrid cars are low in performance or they are not up to the mark as compared to the conventional cars. This perception needs to be vanished as this is why Prius should be positioned keeping in kind both sects of the people and changing their perception about Prius as it’s a performance car and also environmentally friendly (Williander 2005).

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