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Netzer supported their discussion of art as a mixed good by exemplifying ‘Positive Externality.’ [1] In other words, like opera, dance, performance arts share musical forms that they are interdependent on each other. Therefore, mixed goods move or there are shared chances of mutual employment. Thus, a customer of art that belongs to one art genre is very likely to get some interest in another genre by other devices.

However, even though his theory is right, we now experience that external effect does hardly contribute to increasing art organizations or artists’ economic interests. While applied arts such as design and films of culture industry unlike fine arts can produce enormous profits by Window effect[2]; fine arts desperately needs at the level of national support. Since applied art is considered almost an industry and dealt in the category, ‘cultural industry,’ the legitimacy of public support is treated in the same way as in other fields of industry. However, fine art can hardly survive without support, and in the U.K., focus is put more on public support than private one. The art dealt in this paper is only fine arts except applied art which can be commercially survivable.

[1] Dick Netzer, The Subsidized Muse, Cambridge Univ. Press. 1978

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