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Essay: Poverty in the United States | Term Paper Queen

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Not only this, but he is able to capture the attention of the readers by his threatening warning that the vicious circle of poverty can engulf those sections of society who are not poor but the drastic condition of society makes them vulnerable to the threat of poverty and impoverishment. Harrington exposed poverty of the rural areas and the inner cities of America. Harrington’s The Other America: Poverty in the United States had so powerful influence upon the readers that it served to lay an impact on John F. Kennedy, who was among the readers of the book, who commmenced to consider the legislation against poverty. Time Magazine in 1999 rated The Other America among the influential books of 20th century despite the fact that Harrington’s thesis on the culture of poverty, discussed in his book, has been criticized for its ambiguity (Isserman).

Harrington’s perceived agenda for reform was based on the proposal for ‘remedial action’ which, Harrington argued, was needed by America in lieu of the reliance upon the ‘rising tide of affluence to lift all the boats’ (Isserman). Harrington proposed that the U.S. needs a broad program of ‘remedial action’ as a ‘comprehensive assault on poverty’ that would help to bring reform in the condition of the poor (Harrington).

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