Sample Essay

Jeff Jay shares his own experience that being a national merit scholar and president of student association in school; he was helpless after getting addicted to chronic alcoholism and drug abuse. He became penniless and homeless and began to suffer from bleeding ulcer, bleeding colon and legs neuropathy. Due to these weaknesses he was incapable of eating solid food. Sleeping under the bushes in parks of the city he was unaware of his alcohol and drug problem. He always thought they are just money matters.

All these were the marks of addiction and above all the biggest hallmark was denial but he thought alcoholism as the solution so he kept on applying that. Everyone who came in my way was ruined by my behavior. His problems lead him for suicide attempt and then he planned to kill himself after giving himself a farewell party. He informed his ex-girlfriend and told about his suicide plan which was further forwarded to his parents and then they took a step for his intervention. Obviously the process was long enough but I got back to life because of the family intervention plan and the power of my family’s love. After having all the disasters of life and leaving everyone wife, mother, and father, they were the people who took lessons of family intervention and applied them strategically on him.

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