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Based on national crime statistics for the last five years, has racial profiling contributed to an increase in successful arrest rates by police?

  1. Brief Introduction

    In Assignment 1 I discussed the practice of racial profiling. As defined by Amnesty International it is practice within which race can be used as a motivating factor in suspecting an individual (Amnesty international USA, 2010). While this evaluation study will be limited to issues of race profiling by law enforcement officials can occurs towards any ethnicity, nationality or religion.

African Americans are the primary target of this practice in the United States, they are stopped and searched more than any other ethnicity even though such practices infringe on their rights (Cole, 1999, 75). Though this was primarily done to stop crime the police have realized that such practices are ineffective and its presence today is merely the result of corrupting influences rather than policy (Cloud, S., & Dale, 2001).

These policies changes were made as a result of studies in the 90s’ focused on whether or not such practices had any advantageous or detrimental effects (Data collection resource center, 2008). The aspect of the intervention that I intend to evaluate is whether or not the elimination of racial profiling has had the desired effect on certain population samples. Research questions will be stated as well as the most likely hypothesis which will arise from them. Further evaluation data will be provided which will be tailored to support this hypothesis and bring this study to its logical conclusion.  

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