Sample Essay

Prejudice is defined as an unfavorable attitude and behavior towards other people. History has witnessed the pernicious effects of prejudices in the form of genocides, holocausts and colonialism. The most useful tool for expressing prejudice has been language, therefore it is regarded that we can change people’s attitude and prejudices if we if we can change the language they use. Prejudice and discrimination can be both subtle and blatant (Kupetz 37). The relationship of language with prejudice is very strong as the ‘words are the currency of prejudice’ (Rauch). Purists who aim to eradicate a single tint of prejudice from the society are of the view that as language has been used by the propagandists and biased ones to bring harm to the society, such language must be scrutinized strictly. They also believe that people’s attitude and prejudice can be changed if the language they use is altered in its very nature.

On the other hand some of the writers, mainly pluralists, are against the view of changing language to eradicate prejudice. Prejudices may not be all pernicious in its entirety and therefore need not to be eradicated from any society but the greater need is to channel these prejudices in the positive direction to make the most of it. This is the main reason that some of the journalists have resented the options for abolishing prejudices from the society. Jonathan Rauch is one of the writers who argue that by investing more on prejudices we can be able to take advantage of the underlying prejudices in any society. In his article, In defense of prejudice: why incendiary speech must be protected, Jonathan Rauch announces that his article is not for defending ‘any kind of prejudice rather his article is favoring for intellectual pluralism (Rauch).

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