Sample Essay

Specific production technologies to be used in preparing the products must be considered. It is also important to consider space especially if the food business will involve baking, storing, packaging, and transporting. In preparing the food, consistency is an important element, which would mean establishing a processing control to ensure the product’s consistent quality. This would enable consistently preparing the same products of the same quality. Control procedures must thus be set up to check if specific standards are met (PowerHomeBiz, 2011).

Marketing the Business

The type of business to be launched determines the kind of marketing strategies to be employed. There is a need to be aware of the best distribution system that may be used, such as retail food stores, flea markets, and the like. Advertising and sales promotions may also be conducted. The food business company may also sell to institutional trade that sells to retail outlets and from there penetrate the larger food chains once the product’s name has been established (PowerHomeBiz, 2011).

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