Sample Essay

While it is true that integration rather than adaptation is the only way for a subset of society to preserve its culture and heritage. It is also true that such integration invites the dynamics of stereotyping (Kossak & Johnson, 2001). Primarily a person’s psychological makeup will not allow him to accept something he does not understand. Given that he does not understand a situation that person will ascribe meaning to it in the form of stereotypes.

Thus, one of the primary reasons for stereotyping is to relieve anxiety in situations which people find to be strange or unpredictable and assert a degree of control over the environment (Ren & Wang, 2006). According to Lippmann stereotypes are a result of individuals trying to ascribe rationale to the real world. However, due to the expansive nature of the real world ascribing them according to real world nature makes this contention false. Much of the knowledge we gain about people comes from our own subset of society rather than any personal contact we may have with another individual. Given that cultures influence the way we act and the way we think and the way we perceive the world around us. Also given that cultures in the world each have their own vastly different interpretations, the ideas and perceptions of individuals across societies and cultures varies from place to place (Eksi, 2009).

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