Sample Essay

President Abraham Lincoln’s war objectives were to see United States as a single nation i.e. all the states united as a nation preserving their autonomous rights. Lincoln’s goal needed an army that could capture the Confederates, overpower its armies, triumph all over the confederacy invasions and ultimately to overcome its rule. Until 1861, this seemed impossible (p.11).

The ambassadorial crisis and prospective war broke out quietly with Great Britain when Union warship incarcerated emissaries of Confederates, i.e. Mason and Slidell. This was taken action by President Lincoln immediately and he liberated both Mason and Slidell. This stopped the forth-coming war but the grudges left the thing unpleasant. Abraham Lincoln got into serious trouble because the British and French upper hand had vanished due to Confederates conquests. Now until the Confederates do not guarantee cotton heave, intimidation risks will keep being there on Lincoln’s head. Dangers of suing were pretty much possible if the foreign involvement to these issues continues (p.12).

Lincoln’s war aims were disturbed when the banks of Bull Run were conquered in July 1861. Another blow to Union force was the Potomac River’ Balls Bluff catastrophe, situated at Leesburg, Virginia in October of same year. Union had no more marine barricades. Even then Union had the grip over the situation by having the rule of Kentucky and Missouri. In 1862, when Union had started losing battles again, these failures had reversed all the Lincoln’s other war policies. He desperately called for some triumphs otherwise foreign involvement would just destroy his goals of emancipation proclamation which is to liberate the slaves and slavery standards (p.12).

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