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Essay: Prevalence of Diabetes | Term Paper Queen

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Diabetes is one of the most prevalent metabolic disorders the world over. As an epidemic the incidence and prevalence of this disease of this disease in different population requires extensive study in order to control its onset and course. This paper will critique a research paper from the Journal Advanced Nursing regarding the knowledge and compliance among Chinese in Hong Kong in regards to Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM).

The purpose of this study is to gauge whether Chinese Individuals from Hong Kong with NIDDM when exposed to education in relation to their condition comply with regimens for their treatment and lifestyle changes and also to explore any other factors which may augment the effectiveness of diabetic education and in turn conformity to required regimen. Despite the variable factors which are associated with this study given its geographical and educational implications, the study is still broad enough in its scope and usage to be a significant contribution in diabetic research. According to this study one the majority of patients admitted in Hong Kong hospitals are those with complications from Diabetes. Since a major part of the treatment of these complications includes palliative care, it can clearly be seen how the incidence of the complications of this disease can be a significant burden on the nursing profession. Additionally, the problem itself is universal among both genders and addresses the health needs of both as well.

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