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It has also been suggested that there is evidence of co-morbidity between the prevalence of migraines and psychiatric disorders. One such psychiatric disorder which shows a 20-30% commonality in migraine patients is depression. Though there is no mechanism or extensive research to explain this incidence, anti-depressant medications have been suggested as prophylactic therapy in the prevention of migraines (Koch & Jurgens, 2009).

There have of course been other studies conducted to shed light on the evidence of co-morbidity between migraines and conditions such as hypertension and weight gain. Such studies have shown varied results such as with hypertension showing a controversial and perhaps coincidental relationship to hypercholesterolemia which shows association with migraine in elderly men. Obesity is considered a major risk factor for migraines since it promotes the release of CGRP and a decrease in adiponectin which is a hormone with an anti inflammatory effect. Leptin is also decreased in both obesity and migraines showing co morbidity (Hamed, 2009).

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