Sample Essay

Your specific assignment for this week is to select a type of quantitative data to collect from your own life. Some examples of data to collect could be: The number of people you see at your work

place each half day. The number of phone calls you get in each morning and in each afternoon. Any other numeric type of data that are relevant to you and that typically vary between the earlier part of the day and the later part of the day. Please divide the day into two parts: AM and PM and get the data on one of these items for each part. In a brief paper, describe the data you are going to collect. Collect data starting today so you can have at least 20 observations (two for

each day), preferably more. Provide a description of the item you collected, and a table with the data that you have collected until the date of your uploading of this Module\’s SLP report.

I have collected the data for the number of people I meet in College each day for 10 days. For this I have divided the day into two parts, so in this way I have been able to gather the number of people I meet in the first half of the day and the number of people I meet in the second half of each day separately. Please see the table on the next page

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