Sample Essay

The total number of outcomes for two dices is 36. Hence,

Probability of sum being 8 = P(8) = Number of time the sum is 8 =   5

Total number of Outcomes                 36

Probability of sum being 12 = P(12) = Number of time the sum is 12 =   1

Total number of Outcomes                   36

Probability of sum being 7 = P(8) = Number of time the sum is 7 =   6 1 (Algebra, 2010)

Total number of Outcomes                 36      6

3. For this question, pretend you are drawing cards without replacement from the infamous \”Iraq\’s Most Wanted\” deck issued by the U.S. Military before Saddam Hussein and his gang were killed or captured. If you are drawing from the full deck of 52 cards (no jokers), what are the following probabilities:

a. You draw a card that is not Saddam Hussein

b. You draw two cards, which end up being Saddam Hussein and another one with his cousin \”Chemical Ali\”.

c. You draw 14 cards and not one of them is Saddam Hussein

[Note: this is a tough one. Please show your work so that even if you didn\’t get the right answer you can still get partial credit. Grading will be lenient on this one]

a. To calculate the probability of a card not being Saddam Hussein, the solution is

Since the probability of drawing a card that is Saddam is given as

1 (one card out of deck of 52 cards).


The other 51 cards do not contain Saddam Hussein. Hence their probability is given by  51


b. The probability of drawn cards being Saddam and Chemical  Ali is can be calculated as

The probability of first card being Saddam is given by  =  2 = 1

52     26

The probability of second card being Chemical Ali is given by  = 1


Hence the combined probability of two cards will be =   1 * 1 =   1

26  52   1352

c. For each card drawn, the value of the numerator and denominator of the probability decreases by 1. Hence for the first card, the probability of that card not being Saddam Hussein is 51. For


second card the probability will be  50 .


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