Sample Essay

The urban areas are at a particularly high risk of mortality due to poor health. While the problem is aggravated by the fact that the NGOs and other organizations would focus on the development of the rural areas owing to the reason that as the ‘urban groups’ are in a position to influence governmental policies due to their access, unlike rural areas, thus the urban areas become the victim of ‘urban bias’ and are backed further[1].

Bias against Urban Areas

Although much attention is paid to these communities by governments and NGOs because of their close proximity, political influence and highly publicized needs, the explosive rate of urban migration, lack of infrastructure and declining or stagnate human resource capacity render any gains marginal. The refugees and internally displaced persons face the challenges that are also there for both rural and urban dwellers of the slum areas. Life in overcrowded dwellings where the survival is at stake and which is not permanent is a difficult task for the people. The basic facilities of life which include employment and education are also important for the survival.

[1] As in 32

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