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The ‘vulnerable group’, say MacFarlane and Foong Khong (2006), include children, ‘women in war’ and ‘displaced persons’ whose protection is of utmost important[1]. As the women, particularly pregnant women, and children are more prone to the threats of malnutrition therefore the ‘maternal malnutrition’ has become an important element in ‘morbidity and mortality’ in African women and 20 % of these pregnant women have a ‘low BMI as a result of chronic hunger’[2].

The insuficient access to food, multifarious diseases and infections as well as ‘suboptimal infant feeding practices’ are said to have increased rate of deaths of the children[3]. Moreover various environmental and economical factors also pose problems for the children and women in the regions of Sub-Saharan Africa[4]. The threat by the HIV infection is also enormous as when the HIV infected mothers feed their children they are prone to the infection as well[5].

Boutayeb (2009) discusses the impact of HIV on the development of the African countries as it is not only a threat in terms of health care sphere but to all the spheres of life and poses a serious threat to human security in Africa[6].

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