Sample Essay

A processor is supposed to be the backbone of computer systems. Performance of computer systems is dependent on the efficiency of processor. As the processor is supposed to be the brain of computer, it controls and supervises each job that a computer carries out. The processor is selected based on computer’s speed, storage space in hard disk, compatibility, random access memory, etc. Today the advancement has reached to the fact that ten years back, processors used to run on 10MHz, and now this speed has reached 3 GHz or more. Intel and AMD are the two names which ensure best quality and technologically advanced processors. Being the main competitors in the industry, they both are on the way to design best of the best systems ever in the history of computers (Build a Computer Guide 2006).

Athlon and Duron are the names of two processors in AMD line of processors while Intel has introduced Celeron and Intel processors. In comparison Athlon XP 2000+ is similarly efficient like 1.7 GHz Pentium 4. AMD is known for its speed and cheap prices while Intel has huge share of market and better business. Rating is done based on certain performance factors like bus speeds, clock cycles, cache size, etc. In the rating process AMD gives a better competition to Intel (Build a Computer Guide 2006).

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