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Electro-Light will offer high-quality competitively priced Light Emitting Diodes for industrial and commercial uses. The red colored light-emitting diodes have been used for a long time in various electronic equipments such as digital clocks and ticker signs. Light Emitting Diodes have also been used in computers, televisions and other electronic appliances as power or process indicators. All electronic appliances and accessories use Light Emitting Diodes in one way or the other and it is an integral part of these devices.

Until a few years back the most common Light Emitting Diode was red, blue or green. The extensive research and development in Light Emitting Diodes has paved the way for a new generation of Light Emitting Diodes and what may be the replacement of the typical incandescent light bulb used today. Light Emitting Diode lamps were unthinkable a few years back as they could not provide white light similar to a normal light bulb. The breakthrough in this area has changed the bulb industry dramatically as Light Emitting Diode light bulbs prove to be more energy efficient and have a longer life than usual light bulbs. The light bulbs or lamps based on Light Emitting Diodes incorporate light blue or white colored Light Emitting Diodes to provide warm light similar to standard light bulbs. A typical Light Emitting Diode based lamp or bulb comprises of clusters of Light Emitting Diodes in a small surface area which when turned on give a combined effect of a normal light bulb. The use of these Light Emitting Diode based lamps and bulbs has been commercialized quite recently as research has made the production of Light Emitting Diode bulbs and lamps quite efficient. The standard Light Emitting Diodes are still widely used in electronic devices, digital clocks, traffic signals, police vehicles and ticker signs in public and private areas. Light Emitting Diode is one of the most common types of component used in electrical and electronic items. The Light Emitting Diode industry has the potential to become one of the highest earning and growth oriented industry of present times. Electro-Light is being established to take advantage of the increasing demand in Light Emitting Diodes and benefit from the high earning and growth potential.

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