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The story and screenplay was prepared by David Franzoni who then wrote all the first drafts.  Soon after the completion of the draft producer Parkes approached Ridley Scott when they showed him the script. Scott was very excited by the theme of the story and agreed to film the story of ancient Rome. One significant change that was made by Scott was that he decided to kill the family of Maximus so that to intensify the motivation of the revenge.

The character of Maximus was deliberately kept sensitive because the producer didn’t want to make a film on a man who wanted to kill somebody. The script took lots of revisions and rewrites as Crowe was giving his input and suggestions to improve the story.


The movie was shot in different locations, among them the three major locations were England, Morocco and Malta. The opening battle field scenes of Germania were shot in a location near Surrey, England. Several multiple cameras filming at various frames rates were utilized by Scott and the cinematographer John Mathieson.

The scenes of slavery and desert travel were set up in Ouarzazate, Morocco south of the Atlas Mountains. Finally the scenes that incorporated the ancient Rome were shot in Fort Ricasoli, Malta.

In Malta a replica of the Rome’s Colosseum was built close to a height of 52feets  . The replica took several months to build and an estimated $1 million were recorded in its making.

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