Sample Essay


Leo Strauss was a political philosopher who was born to a Jewish family and  was raised as an orthodox Jew. He was one of the most controversial thinkers of his time and had been facing opposition from the political and academic authorities owing to his sharp criticism of existing dogmas. Initially he adopted philosophical position as a neo-Kantian but later he was exposed to the inadequacies hidden in the philosophy after he met Martin Heidegger[1] and Franz Rosinweed[2].

Later on he attempted to seek philosophy as rigorous science. In his early twenties Strauss became a member of Zionist Youth[3] but he could not accept Jewish faith and thus was caught in the dilemma. He distinguished philosophers from scholars and was of the view that most of the philosophers who claim to be philosophers are actually scholars. Strauss gained fame for a great interpreter of modern and ancient Western political theory. He was the founder of ‘Straussians’ (school of thought). Strauss’s own philosophical teaching had been the subject of great controversy because he had presented much of his teachings and ideas in an elusive fashion.

[1] An influential German philosopher of 20th century

[2] 2oth century Jewish thinker

[3] Organization for social, educational  and ideological development of Jewish children and descendents

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