Sample Essay

As far as promotion is concerned now a days there are lots of channels through which promotions can be done. In our case Prius can be promoted in various different ways which includes mainly through advertising, sales promotions and personal selling.  Media can be used as a tool to promote the product and also to create awareness in the general public regarding the benefits of hybrid cars. Another step which the company has already taken is its product in movies and TV shows like CSI Miami, Weeds, Evan Almighty, and Superbad. Also brand endorsement can be done by collaborating with TV and movie stars or sports celebrities as these people have a greater impact on the public  (Ottman, 2008).

Then internet is another very important and widely used medium, and it should also be used by the company for its promotional activities. E-brochures attached with a video clip of the Toyota Prius can be send to people just for creating awareness. Similarly as we have mentioned before that celebrity endorsements have become a very popular trend today, and we see that lots of stars are featuring in ads which are related to some social cause. Toyota can also get benefit with this phenomenon of celebrity endorsements as they help in attracting the attention towards the new Toyota Prius (Burke, 2004).

Also as a matter of fact Toyota should be using the media as source of education for the mainstream consumers that how the hybrid vehicle technology works and this can be done by rolling out television spots that the Prius doesn’t need to be plugged in. The survey which was conducted showed that those who were aware of the hybrid cars were primarily influenced by the promotional campaigns run by the companies. This shows that how much important role promotion can play while influencing customer’s perception about a particular thing (Beauchamp, 2006).

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