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Essay: Promotion Strategy | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

The initial sales promotion of the company will be done through public relations by hiring marketing personnel who are well versed with the local culture of Russia and the Russian language and have good working relationships with manufacturing companies in the region. In order to achieve the international sales targets the services of marketing managers of the parent company will be availed.

The brand image of the company will be established and maintained through promotional campaigns targeting domestic and international prospect clients such as industrial manufacturers of automobiles, electronic devices and other users of Light Emitting Diodes. Direct marketing through the marketing personnel will also be performed continuously to establish a strong customer base and maintain healthy working relationship with existing customers. The company will also send catalogs and brochures to prospect and current customers to briefly describe the specifications and characteristics of current products and any new additions in the product line. To promote company products internationally, marketing representatives will be strategically stationed in countries with high potential for Light Emitting Diodes and Light Emitting Diode based products. The company will also participate in various international industrial exhibitions and seminars to promote the company and its products. The marketing department of the company will also be given the objective to create new and innovative strategies for increasing the brand value and image of the products.

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