Sample Essay

Social Environment

The social environment of the company is quite stable as there is no political and social unrest. Majority of the population in Russia is based on employment and comes from various backgrounds. The political and social unrest in the past has tested the patience of Russian people and the general population now wants political and social stability in the country. The unemployment in the country is about 6.2 percent and 15.8 percent of the total population is below the poverty line. The social environment of the country is also quite suitable for the proposed Light Emitting Diode business as there is an expectation of social stability in the country.

Technological Environment

The technological progress in the country in recent years has been phenomenal. The country has invested highly in projects involving technical expertise such as space programs, defense systems and high-tech products. The government also funds various research programs to upgrade the technical expertise and knowledge in the country. The various technological sectors in the country help the research in these areas. The technological sectors of the country would be quite beneficial to the proposed company in terms of sales and earnings.

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