Sample Essay

Allocators have their own strengths and down sides. The main reason for using them is runtime performance by improving it and reducing memory consumption (Berger, Zorn, & McKinley, 2002). The decisions while designing an allocator include the speed of allocation and de-allocation, behavior when filing-like process initiates and when threaded or multi-threaded environment is introduced, locality of cache, managing memory overheads, virtual environment of memory, and size of objects.

Allocator based memory management is intimidating at times for the long running storage programs. These problems lead the programs in following the principles for memory management and more code is then used than the objective of program. Therefore alternatives for this manual kind of memory management started being examined to solve these problems (Banahan, Brady, & Doran, 1991). Both the Window and Lea allocators have been suggested to increase performance of various programs and are therefore preferable for wide range of allocation behaviors (Berger, Zorn, & McKinley, 2002).

Steve Blackburn argues on some problems regarding the combined use of collectors and allocators. He provides plans and policies to an approach which incorporates hybrid allocators and collectors. The intention of Blackburn is only that it can provide a framework which rapidly produces collectors through memory management interfaces (Blackburn).

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