Sample Essay

There are mixed results in the findings of researchers investigating the pros and cons of inclusion in math classes. Results from previous research suggested that students with disabilities can solve math problems in remedial settings while other studies stated that improvement in math solving can be achieved even in a general education class. In a study by Bottge, Heinrichs, Metha and Hung, they demonstrated that students with disabilities profited from contextualized instruction. However, the benefits for the disabled students are unclear. They also added that video and applied formats create challenges for students with disabilities and they perform better in general education classrooms. Further study advises to identify the accommodations that best help ensure optimal student performance. (Bottge et al., 2002)

Markku Hannula (2002) argued that through analyzing the student’s attitude and changes in behavior, it has been suggested that negative attitude towards mathematics developed during problem solving situations can be changed dramatically towards a more positive impression. The evaluation used for the aspect  of attitude are emotions aroused in the situation, emotions associated with the stimuli, expected consequences and relating the situation to personal values. (Hannula, 2002)

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