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High protein diets are emerging as the latest procedure to control weight. This is because research shows that protein has the contents to satisfy and tackle hunger rather than fats or carbohydrates. A study was published in the American journal of clinical nutrition which stated that successful results in weight loss were achieved when fats were reduced to 20% in the diets, protein was increased to 30% and carbs was 50%. The participants of the research ate almost 441 fewer calories when they followed the high protein diet (Zelman, 2008).

Another study published in the journal of nutrition reported that a high protein diet along side with regular exercise helped in weight loss and drastically improved the blood fat (lipid) level.

Donald Layman, PhD, a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign suggests that the high protein diet plan has a tendency to control the desire for food and calorie intake. The reason for this is because diets that have higher protein level and reasonable amount of carbs combined with exercise tend to give great results to reduce blood lipids and maintain lean tissues (Zelman, 2008).

The question arises that how proteins can helps in reducing weight? Layman answers this question as; because high protein diet causes the brain to receive lower level of appetite stimulating hormones in this case the person does not feel hunger.

American Dietetic Association president Rebecca Reeves says that more research is done to find the basis on which protein diet will be effective for a long time. Reeves believes that the mechanism for satiety is yet to be confirmed but the two main factors that can produce satiety are fewer carbs and high protein which effects on starvation.

Apart from the research protein is one element which is very necessary for the human body .It has a major role to play throughout the different stages of our life. A variety of bodily functions depends on protein including the components of cells, muscle and bones. Apart from that it is also an essential element for the development of the body and the power to resist against infections.

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