Sample Essay

As psychology is the science of behavior, it answers the rationale that how and why people do what they do. It has a great impact on our eating behavior and what we eat. The two factors on which the psychology focuses on are the behavioral approach and the cognitive thinking. The behavioral approach identifies the mundane habitual patterns of eating and then finding ways to change the eating behavior. As far as cognitive thinking is concerned they work on the identification of self defeating patterns that can cause a change to the weight management problems.

Apart from the health point of view that food that we consume has also an effect on our appearance. There are many factors that influence our eating behavior some of them are identified below.

  • Cultural factors
  • Evolutionary factors
  • Social factors
  • Familial factors
  • Individual factors

As discussed before psychology is the science of behavior it directly influences the cognitive that is both the thinking patterns and the behavior. Cognitive behavior impacts on the following areas.

Readiness to change:

This is the first step which creates the awareness of what needs to be done and at the same time establishing the goals which would eventually create commitment for the goal.

  1. Self monitoring:

This is related to the individuals own assessment of what causes them to eat. Keeping a check on the diet and what they consume for eating. This self monitoring therapy addresses how an individual thinks about food.

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