Sample Essay

There were seven major factors that were associated with the Vietnam veterans these PTSD factors include

  1. Depression and suicidal syndrome
  2. Isolation and withdrawal
  3. Consciousness
  4. Mistrustfulness
  5. Anesthetized
  6. Pessimism and skeptical
  7. Lack of intimacy

A study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine which found that the tendency of committing suicide were twice found in men that served in Vietnam as compared to those who did not served there.  Experts believe that the reason of such high rate of suicidal attempts were because the soldiers were unable to find a proper satisfying answer to the question that why they fought in Vietnam. In the veterans min there is no resolution to the conflict in Vietnam, plus they were also they were lacking the proper support from their home which made their live even worse. Because of all this a feeling of helplessness and depression was created. Then the veteran also became isolated they were not interested in meeting with other people rather than they prefer to live alone (Cruz). Another research which was conducted on the veterans’ behavior after they reached home showed that because of their experiences in Vietnam 20% of all Vietnam veterans have failed to adjust into civilian life. Apart from that there is a great amount of mistrust which was found in the veterans. Primarily the mistrust is towards the authorities and the government which for no reason sent them there and secondly the mistrust in the society which rejected them. This also leads the veteran towards getting numb no feeling what so ever. Similarly as the nature of the war was guerilla war fare in which the veterans’ were subjected in killing women and children so they find it difficult to make the transaction to the role of a husband and parent (Cruz).

Stress has always been a synonymous with soldiers that involve in wars or conflicts. The events that take place on the combat places have a tremendous psychological strain upon an individual. Critics have always said that much more severe conditions were experienced by those who took part in the Second World War or in the Korean War so how can the Vietnam veterans be different from them (Tull). The answer to this is that the uniqueness of Vietnam War is that it was not a declared war, it was never declared as war plus the soldiers that were sent in Vietnam were relatively young and not much experienced thus they didn’t have any experience of such kind prior of being sent here.

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