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Essay: Purpose of Labor Unions | Term Paper Queen

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Hence Labor unions are formed to protect the rights of the individual workers. The banded staff together can affect the company’s profit and even then the company or the employer cannot fire a large number of employees at the same time, since the replacement of numerous people at a single point in time is quite impossible. So ultimately the employer or the company is forced to strike a deal with the unions which can relatively be more feasible to the company itself, than hiring a new batch of workers.

The deals are inclusive of a better wage rate and more attractive working conditions. Today the major countries around the world have already constituted labor laws in their respective industries to protect such acts of illiterate manner. Unions once used to be a part of every company but now most industries protect these rights for the worker at their own end, securing their needs and demands at the same time. Ultimately the saying can be more effective by changing the words as “United we bargain, Divided we beg.” (Mishel and Walters).

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