Sample Essay

Another way I believe this poem can be considered is not in it being about AIDS. But rather life itself and the feeling of death that sex brings especially in societal structure. If we consider that life as it is offers us more than the sum of its parts. Then the pursuit of sex and only sex to the point where nothing else matters can effectively deaden us. Deaden us in ways where only having sex can make us feel anything. A facsimile situation to this would be an addiction to a drug which makes the user so dependant that they are blind to everything around them and the euphoric sensation which the drug brings. In this case the subject, be it a he or a she is considering whether he should or shouldn’t simply give in to his desires as the ones before him have done.

In many ways this poem is also a commentary on society. We as a society and as a people are addicted to so many things that distract us and make us feel. That we forget what life is all about. In many ways it is the constant pursuit of sex and other such actions the reason we feel so dead in our lives. Because we simply cannot accept what we have in front of us and are constantly attracted to having more than we should.