Sample Essay

Due to computer technology the quality has progressed in devotion to rules, scrutiny of diseases has enhanced even more, and medication failures have lessened. Precautionary measures in medicine known as primary and secondary preventive care are responsible for most of the improvement in quality. The decreased exploitation of care has been the chief advantage of efficiency in health care. Time exploitation gives a mixed output. Having advanced to management systems and decision support systems the empirical costs measured become uncertain and inadequate (Chaudhry, Wang, S., & al, 2006).

Research is being done highly on the medicine and health care issue therefore multifunctional health information technology systems are letting the institutions to generate a high quality prose. As the literature is very general therefore it is regarded as a demerit for not being specific to certain diseases. Health care industry can be transformed critically by health information technologies like computerizing entry of provider order and health records maintained electronically. Health care can be developed better if information is managed on permanent basis (Chaudhry, Wang, S., & al, 2006).

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