Sample Essay

The bazaar is not the ideal to which he has looked for as an accomplishment of his wish. His desire to buy a gift for his girl is shattered into dust as soon as he arrives at the bazaar. At the end of the story the narrator comes to realize how foolish he had been to believe in the idea of the love that was nothing in reality. He faces the truth that he was in utter disillusion to have acted so madly and foolishly therefore at the end he is shown alone with his own self.

The quest of the boy seems fruitless but through his journey the boy acquires self knowledge. The price to be paid for the self knowledge is loneliness.  Through the epiphany, sudden realization of truth, the boy realizes the falsity of the romantic love that has indulged him in disillusion. The story revolves around the theme of alienation of the young boy with his family, religion and people he had been in love. The alienation thrusts him into loneliness as he is left with his sole self. The story has reminiscences of Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’, Homer’s  ‘The Odyssey’ and Dante’s ‘Commedia’ in the great tale of Joyce because they also tell about the stories of quest and journey for ultimate ideals.

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