Sample Essay

Much of Milton’s later reflected his continued support of a free commonwealth and equal distribution of power. His actions speak clearly of how he still chooses to serve God despite the loss of his sight and the loss of his family. He continued doing so until his death in November of 1964 (Jokinen).

In my case my questioning of God and whether such things are truly best is more of a process. While I do question God’s motives and the decision he makes and whether such decision are truly best for those around me. I also understand that due to his omniscience his understanding of the universe is far beyond mine and the way I can best serve him is as Milton did in his time. By accepting events which have happened as God’s will for the better and also putting in every effort to not only be steadfast but also do what is required of me as a morally conscious individual. Given the difficulties of pursuing this course of action and comparing Milton’s life to my own, I envy his commitment and unwavering belief and hope that one day I too can be a person who others look up to as an example of belief in the betterment of things.

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