Sample Essay

Core Concept 2: The country where people are born profoundly affects life chances.

Being born in the United States I understand that I received several opportunities that would not have been available to me had I been born in any other country in the world. I received a good education and opportunities to go to college and in terms of employment that would not be available to me otherwise. I also realize the freedoms that have been afforded to me as a citizen and how my rights as a Native American are a result of years of struggle from my people to be treated equally among the population.

Core Concept 3: Dramatic inequality exists both across countries and within them.

In my travels in the navy and afterwards I realized the continuing impact of racist ideals even in today’s society. I saw how Caucasian people were often given preferential treatment over people of other races. This was especially prevalent after September 11th when I saw several instances at my place of employment of discrimination against people perceived to be Arabs or from Arabic countries. They would often single them out for purposes of being fired or taking up tasks which would eventually lead to their unemployment.

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