Sample Essay

Radio as a media has been deregulated for more than 2o years. According to accounts given by hosts of radio programming from the 1970s, they are appalled at the how current radio broadcasts have sold out the public interests, which was one of the main focal point of contention for deregulation 20 years ago. The increasing deregulation of radio and the lowering cost of technology along with non existent limits placed on broadcasting ownership rights have created an environment where there is several radio stations in any one market with no limit to how many can be established nationally.

The increasing number of radio stations has also lowered the standards for non entertainment programming provided by these stations. The lowering of these standards has no longer created vested interests for broadcasters to ensure that individuals receive accurate news, public service announcements and other broadcasts. It has also decreased advertising content in the industry since the concentration of radio stations has increased and the number of advertisers who are marketing their products on the radio has decreased in favor of other media such as television and the internet. This has left the radio broadcasters to earn revenues through other means.

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