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Another case which is well worth mentioning concerns the rape of women by Iraqi’s during the Gulf War. Despite the recommendations of Muslim Clerics during this time, it cannot be denied that their decision to not allow the mothers to abort, especially given the reasoning under which they made such a decision calls the legality of abortions in this case into question.

Setting aside the issue whether or not the rapes themselves are considered a sin, the fact that the women would have to give birth to and raised the children of their attackers, such an act would certainly take a significant psychological and financial toll on them. Taking the Muslims Clerics words and considering them to be reflective of societal beliefs, not only would the women be ostracized in public for being raped, their children may suffer the same treatment as well.

Given the amount of support this cause has from the public in the Middle East it can be seen why police officials often look the other way when it comes to conducting unsafe abortions unless a specific complaint is registered by a family member or a husband. Even certain Muslim Clerics who are open-minded to the issue allow abortions in certain cases. United Nations have reported statistic which show 10 % of the pregnancies in the region end in abortion. Estimates conclude that at least 100,000 abortions are performed yearly in Iran and 600 a day in Moroccan. In Moroccan studies say that only a small percentage of these women are the victims of violent crimes such as rape or incest, that most of them are unmarried (Daragahi, 2008).

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