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Essay: Rationalism Possibility of Synthetic a Priori Knowledge | Term Paper Queen

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Knowledge when owned by a man terms him as intelligent because he can take good and lasting decisions through the knowledge he owns. Knowledge comes to us both inductively and deductively which calls for the knowledge of a priori and a posteriori knowledge. Immanuel Kant says that there is a thing as a synthetic a priori knowledge which means that the claim of a certain thing which is universally true must be known. An experience of an event which had happened once do not assure that the event would occur every time, therefore the universally declared can be declared true if we once experience it ourselves (Homepages at WMU, 2008).

Kant’s point is that the analytic statements which are based on logical truths are true, hence they are a priori. Synthetic statements, too are a priori. Thus we have a priori knowledge about synthetic statements and can justify it by Kant’s arguments (Homepages at WMU, 2008).

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