Sample Essay

Recently a route which was used for trafficking and sexual exploitation was identified which runs from Malawi to South Africa. Along the route the truck drivers used to deceive children by promising to marry them or providing them with educational opportunities once reached in Johannesburg the victim is victimized of committing paid sex.


In a nut shell we can conclude that the child sex tourism is a billion dollar business for the gangs who are involved in smuggling children and parents find child sex tourism as a way out for gaining home income. Gangs and agencies would continue to smuggle children until the government take strategic measures to counter child sex tourism. Africa is the centre of all the child sex tourism and therefore the authorities should plan out better living for the families and awareness program regarding child sex tourism. In this way such children would be able to live a life of prosperity instead of underage prostitution. In this regard a movie is also being made which is completely integrated with the topic of trafficking and how these gangs operate. The movie is titled Taken.

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