Sample Essay

Interestingly the term electorate college does not appear in the constitution even though it’s in practice for several years. The reason why this system was established by the founding fathers was that because they were facing difficulty in how to opt for a president. The problems that they were facing were mainly because they thought that electing a president for a nation which comprised of thirteen large and small states and all of them having concerns about their rights and powers and having doubts on the central national government.

Secondly there were no proper political parties and neither was there structure according to which a candidate should be elected. But apart from that the biggest issues which gave birth to this system was that, traveling and communication was difficult that time and as a result a candidate who was popular and competent in a region was not highlighted properly at the national level. Therefore a regional candidate was left unknown to the rest of the nation. This gave rise to this system and then elections were held by the congress which required the members too precisely access the desires of the people in the states and then vote accordingly. Though this system worked very well in the earlier stages but now the primary concerns that were present in the mind of the founding fathers which created this system have gone astray. There are national political parties who are performing their roles for quiet sometime; traveling and communication are no longer any problem so the main objective of this system has ended.

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