Sample Essay

The transition from rod-only vision to cone only vision was of particular interest during the transitory phase. In the beginning, as dawn starts to loom, the rod-only light-sensitive mosaic tends to retain whatever light its receiving from the moonlit beachfront, making way for the cone receptors to take over as dawn is in full swing. From this point on, the response to colors and the light changes are much sharper and faster, suggestive of the characteristics of cones.

The vivid display of colors throughout the sky as the sun rears its head from the horizon also indicates that the cones are actively receiving long, medium and small wavelengths with the rising intensity of light. By the time the sun reaches its full glory, the eye lids shut themselves half way, indicative of the fact that although we are in cone-only mode, there is still light seeping in than the human retina can bear.

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