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The attacks of September 11, 2001 changed the entire history of the Arab world especially Saudi Arabia. The relations of Saudi Arabia with the United States were changed. Before 9/11 the relationship between the U.S and Saudi Arabia has been ‘strategic in nature’ as Saudi Arabia ‘has long been viewed as a country of significant strategic importance to the United States’ to which the U.S would support and protect[1].

The kingdom was to be seen from a different eye after 9/11. The government of Saudi Arabia itself realized the peril that was at their door step. The government of Saudi Arabia was demanded of instant action after the attacks of 1995-96, but it remained passive. The government, said Mohammad Mahfouz[2], must have engaged in the national dialogue at that time which they did ten years later. The religious organizations previously funded by the United States of America and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia were mobilized against their previous allies. This change in the relations was not without reason, rather various factors led to the danger that the Kingdom was facing and had to face for an unknown period. Various actions against the Kingdom by Al Qaeda, including the attacks in Riyadh in May 2003, aroused serious debates over the issue of the image of Saudi Arabia that was undermined due to the Islamist militants.

[1] Bzostek, Rachel, and Samuel B. Robinson. “U.S. Policy toward Israel, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia: An Integrated Analysis, 1981–2004.” International Studies Perspectiv, 11 2008: 359-376.

[2] A Shiite intellectual

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