Sample Essay

What Is The Relationship Between Personality Traits And Employee Performance? How Do Personality Traits Translate Into Individual’s Professional Careers?

The current ever precarious economic climate descending over the world has left companies scrambling to keep themselves afloat and profitable. In an effort to remain competitive organizations use performance appraisals as instruments which help them in defining the long term benefits of employees in their organizations. One of the factors of these appraisals takes into account the personality traits of its employees and whether or not they help them excel in the workplace and help further the goals of the organization. This paper will explore the relationship between personality traits and employee performance, extending its vision towards how these factors translate into an individual’s professional careers.

The first question which comes into play before we consider how personality traits affect individual’s careers should be how exactly we should measure the success or failure of an individual in his professional career. In this case it may be prudent to define career success beyond the traditional measures of income and place within an organizational structure but rather also extend its definition towards real or perceived success (Punnett 2006). A study conducted in the year 1999 found that there is a correlation between internal and external factors within an occupation which defines an individual’s success.

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