Sample Essay

In order for a research to be authentic and accurate, it is important to take into consideration factors such as reliability and credibility of data. Therefore, researchers take special measure to make sure that the data that is collected through the tools is from any kind of bias and has a minimum chance of containing erroneous data, which could adversely affect the findings at a later state.

While many researchers argue that validity and reliability does have to do anything with qualitative research, they do understand the need of a qualifying measure to be present in every research. Qualitative research, as with quantitative research has to conduct in a dependable fashion and its findings should be credible (Golafshani, 2003).  The dependability of the research stresses the need for the researcher to take into consideration all the changes that occur within the context of the research. It means that the research itself has the responsibility of explaining the changes which take place in the setting and how these changes affect the way the research approaches the study. The credibility of the research establishes that the results of the qualitative research are believable from the perspective of the research participants. Since the purpose of qualitative research is to understand the phenomenon of interest from participants’ point of view; they are the only ones who can provide credibility to the research (Trochim 2006).

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